Instant Expert: Easily Organize Your Wardrobe and Beauty Cabinet

There’s only one thing more annoying than having a disorganized closet or beauty bag, and that’s organizing it. With spring right around the corner, these 6 organizing tips will get your beauty loot and accessories cleaned up just in time for warmer weather. The best thing about these clutter busters is that they only require things  you probably already have. Tell us which tip solved your disorganized dilemma.

Photo: Mark Lund / The Nest
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Photograph Your Footwear

Reusing your shoe boxes as storage seems like a good idea, but when it comes to finding the right pair when you need them it's not very convenient. To find your shoes quickly, take photos of the pairs and stick them on the front of the box.
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Invest In Magnetic Tape

Magnetic tape has magical organization capabilities for your bathroom and beauty closet. Stick a strip of it on the back of your medicine cabinet door to quickly organize your hair pins. You can also use it on the backs of your most used beauty products and store them in your cabinet.
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Put Pretty Products On Display

If you have loads of hair products, perfumes or lotions thrown in a drawer, this is a great method to show off their pretty packaging and get organized.
Photo: Mark Lund / The Nest
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Turn Your Accessories Into Art

Keep necklaces from getting knotted up by displaying them in an old shabby-chic frame.
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Put Your Hair Accessories on Ice...Kind Of

Put pins, hair ties, clips and rubber bands in their place by using an old ice cube tray as a sorting tool. Genius.
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Hang Your Scarves by Shower Rings

Hooking shower curtain rings around a wooden hanger is the perfect way to keep your scarves on display and organized.

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