Mane Inspiration: 4 Must-Have Hairstyles for 2013

From the natural waves of the 90s to the sleek jet setter look of the 60s, this year’s newest hair trends are taking cues from decades past. We spoke with celebrity hair guru Benjamin Mohapi who told us how to create the insanely-gorgeous hair trends from the Spring 2013 runways. This year our hair is going back to the future, in a good way.

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Natural Texture

Like all great front men, Kurt Cobain left a lasting legacy. Both his music and his wavy locks live on in 2013. Fashion designers Dries and Giles were inspired by the natural texture of the 90s and used the look in their spring fashion shows.

Get the Look: The best way to achieve this is to let your hair do its own thing. Go to bed and do nothing when you get up. What could be easier than that?
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Super Sexy Volume

With models like Cindy Crawford and Claudia Schiffer on covers everywhere, big sexy hair was a trend that dominated the 90s. Big hair destined to make a serious comeback this year.

Get the Look: Rough blow dry your hair with your head upside down. While it’s still a bit damp, comb through a big handful of mousse. Take a section at the front of the head, about the size of a roller, and roll the hair around the roller from the ends to the roots. The way hair falls is defined by way you put in the roller. It may take you a little practice but you'll be the envy of all your friends once you do.
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60s It Girl

Just as 2013 hairstyles will be looking back to the 90's, this year’s trendy styles are also inspired by the 60s. Edie Sedgwick—a model, heiress and one Andy Warhol's muses—was also the inspiration for Marc Jacobs and the Louis Vuitton spring 2013 runway hair.

Get the Look: Once dry, spray a bit of dry shampoo and hair spray in there to help get real grip and stiffness into it. After that, back comb the whole head into a big birds nest and start pulling into shape. Make a low part and wrap the hair around forehead for that 60's feel and pull into a low pony or twist and pin the back into a little beehive.
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60s Jet Setter

Gucci's spring runway hair also took cues from the 60s jet set era (Think Mad Men or Pan Am). The look is slick and glamorous as well as practical and easy to wear.

Get the Look: Mix gel and water together and rub it into your roots. Once all the roots are all wet, put in a side or center part. Then, using a boar bristle brush (like Mason Pearson’s) brush hair into a ponytail—leaving a strand out to wrap around the final product. Then, tie another hair tie about halfway down your ponytail. Finally, tie one more elastic at the bottom of the ponytail. Roll the bottom tie up to the middle and pin it to the middle tie. Fold the bundle up into the remaining part of the pony and pin. Fan out the hair around the bun then wrap the loose strand around the top tie.

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