Beauty Hacker: A Nifty Trick for Short ‘Dos (The Flirty Flick)

I have the soul of a girl with long hair.

I guess it’s because I’ve had long hair for, hmm, 25 years? (And that’s only because I was pretty much bald till the age of two). Then, nearly two months ago, I chopped it off. I had to make a change, and it seemed simpler and more reversible than a tattoo. I must admit I really like my haircut and I feel it’s very summer-appropriate, but it also bums me out that I can’t do any cute things with it. Or can I…?

Well, there’s the genius way of pinning short hair up that def added a fresh new way of changing up my look, but is that all there is? Flat down or pinned up?

Not according to Omar Lopez, celebrity stylist and artistic director for Sultra. We asked him what short-haired girls like moi can do to make it fun, and he pulled the following trick out of his sleeve:

  1. Take a 1/2″ to one-inch section of hair anywhere you want to add a flip or flick to an otherwise straight style.
  2. Guide the section of hair between the iron plates, clamping down lightly.
  3. Slowly glide the iron down the section and just before reaching the ends, twist the iron in a smooth upward and outward motion to create a flick or flip. (Do not make a complete turn, or you will have a curl instead of a flick).
  4. Repeat on all sections you want to flip up.

Do this and your hair will be way flirty and not remotely flat. And the best part? It takes literally five minutes in the morning. And here I thought investing in a ‘do like the stars takes forever!

Tell us: do you have any genius styling tips for short hair?

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